Friday, 6 July 2007

Little Laureate


I dreamed that I saw a cockerel,
With looks that I could not tell.

I wished I were king of them all,
With everything under my control.

I imagined a colourful bird,
Flying across a sheep herd.

So I woke up from my imagination,
And found I was doing an operation.

They took out my stomach and put it in again,
When I finished the operation I felt like a hen.

I slept and saw a whale,
I saw a castle as the shape of a nail.

Then I felt a hit on my head,
Then I saw a flying bed.

Then I saw a phoenix dead.
I thought to myself, this is the phoenix I should have fed!

M.M - 10 years old

Written consent from the author has not been obtained and so I am fully liable to legal action.

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