Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Call Off The Search

Under the sun, everything is the same.
My feelings and thoughts are the same.
My utterances are the same.
And though I pretend to have a tame, yielding heart,
The impending revolt is my biggest and most anticipated nightmare.
Truth becomes visible against the imposing blackness.
Life, and death, are quite different at night.
Alone, the world is newer and the air is sharper.
The darkness is only feared by those who haven't made amends.
My only worry is leaving before knowing.
The bend on the road beckons but I'm not ready.
Around the bend is the face I see when it's time to sleep.
And the quiet, devious voice that wants me to give up.
"You'll never find light, but you'll always lose yourself.
Be wise and call off the search."
I consider my options and think carefully,
Only to be disturbed by a loud noise.
Someone just left.