Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Spare change?

If George Bush knew anything about Iraqi cultural festivities, he'd be utterly miserable right now - not that he isn't. On the night when Iraqi kids go around houses -in a trick-or-treat sort of way- singing "majeena ya majeena, shugee il chees winteena (majeena o' majeena, rip the bag and give us) he admirably plucks up the courage to ask for a hefty $700bn to save an economy that seems to be having a paralysing stroke. Having waited for a couple of weeks for an answer, he gets an ego-crashing rejection the same day that Iraqi children collect their "eediya", a small sum of money given to children in celebration of Eid.
I couldn't help but make an association and laugh when I saw a sign in a cafe near college. It read: "Please do not ask for credit. A slap on the mouth often offends."
Poor George.