Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Minor Setback

Iraq's victory over Saudi Arabia was a day I shall never forget. The sheer joy and uncompromising hope we garnered is remarkable to say the least. No history is as blood-stained as ours; no people are as mournful as we are; no nation is single-minded about who it is like we are..
I am not an ardent nationalist who claims that Iraqis are God's chosen people: if anything, we're the boy who gets blamed and punished for other boys' misbehaviour - Iraq is blood-drenched and yet its heart beats endlessly and its bounties are enjoyed by all. Tens of millions of hearts grieve for loved ones, limbs are blown up and souls are stolen in their dozens.. but Iraq survives and lives whilst all else dies..
Soon Iraq will be great, just like it used to be.. all this is a minor setback.