Wednesday, 6 June 2007


He saves up three weeks' wages to buy her that necklace she fancied.
She doesn't ask for much.
He longs to get back home from work.
Her heart throbs with excitement at hearing the front door being unlocked.
His fatigue is soothed at the sight of her smile.
Her eyes become watery and her hands fragile as she opens the velvet box.
He fixes his gaze at her.
She is lost for words. (She is never lost for words)
She sits beside him and speaks in a clear, elegant manner.
He is almost squinting as he smiles whilst murmuring how he knew she'd like it.
His dream is to make her happy.
Her wish is to be eternally in love with him.


Glory Rose! said...

Beautiful... Though not always true!

Anonymous said...

If only there really were men like that out there, the world would be a better place. But, I suppose we all just have to be content with what the reality of life is like..
But then again it never does any harm to dream - and what a nice dream it is.

3eeraqimedic said...
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Anonymous said...

WAW blad dat was fantas-shit
wer they live i wana jack the present

Yasmin (Blanche) said...

Little Penguin,
How sweet.. how romantic..
does it exist ??
i doubt it..
probably it does, but very rare..
welcome back..

Little Penguin said...

thank you all so very much..

you are a cynical lot. what's stopping men from doing these stuff? i dont know.. I'm not married yet but it'll be interesting to see how difficult it is to sustain such a bond with someone..

I admit that the scenario of the post is usually seen through the hollywood lense.. i only wrote it due to my constant vision of what a relationship is supposed to be like.. it's only natural after reading Jane Eyre.. :)

Glory Rose! said...

Oh, now that explains everything :P anything is possible after Jane Eyre... They got married, had a kid and he could see again, it should cheer anyone :)

Hassoun said...

Wow that's nice bruv. Although the "velvet box" isn't completely necessary for a relation, it would be pleasant to live such a relation... Since it's so pleasant just to dream about it, I suppose it's not often an existing truth

MasterMX said...

very good penguin. Never knew you had it in you. I dont know why we men lie down on a couch with apathy running rampant throughout their mentality. I would atleast try to keep this kind of thing up if I ever where to get married.

Ihsiin said...
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Ihsiin said...

How very romantic; perhaps there's hope for you yet.
*winkey smiley here*

I think I'm going to go and write a story now. A romantic tragedy, no less.
And when I say write I, of course, mean complete.

Karroma said...

I guess i'm the only one who's allowed to call u habibi...u touched a sensitive issue. i'm glad u have dreams as such and i hope u become able to 'sustain' a relationship like the one u described...i wish i was her.

travel girl said...

oh to find a love like this!
Little Penguin, this is breath-taking!

Little Penguin said...

i think i've already given up! lol

from now on, i'll stick to reality.. these fantasy stuff belong to my book-case

thank you all for your sympathetic comments.. :)

Ihsiin said...

Oi, please stop rejecting me. It hurts my heart.
At this rate, I think I may keel over and die form some horrible cardiac disease.

travel girl said...

I've been reading, just not commenting much, so glad to see you were at my blog today. It broke my heart to see that you lost so much of your blog...I can't imagine how frustrating that was.
And don't give up yet on finding that kind of love. It can happen (even if I haven't found it yet, I know it can happen)
Getting back to your comments, you are right, I'm at a point right now where I have to decide if this person is deserving of my friendship and trust anymore. We'll see! Don't be a stranger!! :)
oh! BTW, did I ever tell you how much I LOVED London? I can't wait to get back there!!

Konfused Kid said...

wait until your first relationship and then we'll see if you approve of this again.

until then, this was beautiful and it indeed made me wish i have a beautiful thing lying next to me right now.

Glory Rose! said...

cmon KK, don't raise LP's hopes :P , mostly after the first relationship you'd wish the opposite sex didn't even exist! But you'll get over it and one day you may find something like that, some people do, but the odds of it happening from the first time are realy....!

April Girl said...

Little Penguin,

How beautifully you write : ) These feelings are real. Being just another cynic I believed loyal friends and eternal agapes were to be found in poetry and prose, written by those in altered states. Hollywood has its own version of it, but these people exist and True Love is Real! How do I know? I know of people so madly in love, they should be locked up! I have a Friend over at Just check out his poems or some of his writings on Love and you'll see what I mean right away! It's worth your time, both your mind and heart will thank me for it. Oops I forgot your Soul : )

By the way I have a long comment waiting for you at 'being, the opp' so come by whenever the wheels of time allow!

All the best : )

Eye Raki said...

Just wondering why the "he" parts where in bold and the "she" parts standard? Is that your style or could it possibly be sexism?

No seriously though keep it up, you have a unique style and I always enjoy your posts. Take care aghati.

April Girl said...

I am not a word on a screen. My thoughts are not merely letters connected to form the Self.
We are Souls, hearts, minds and bodies that are in essence good but the potentials of being harmful to ourselves and others also exist. It never means we should retreat in our little bubbles of safety and never break out to form wonderful friendships.

In any case, hold on to those precious friendships you've formed, because life after all is all about these relationships, and since it's a rare thing to have consider yourself among the lucky ones!

Viva la amitié!

travel girl said...

where are you? I miss reading your postings!
hope you are well