Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Dear Santa..

I've never had the audacity to ask you for Christmas presents.. Although it's been a very difficult year, I've managed to stay well-behaved and I believe I deserve a present!

I know most people are asking for PlayStation 3's, Sony Vaio's and iPhones, I'm not going to make life any harder for you.. All I want is three things.. One is a deeply-personal wish of mine.. One is for many people, some I know, most I don't.. and the last one is for Iraq..

Here goes..

This Christmas I want to see someone punished.. we're not talking capital punishment here because that's, well, not your job. Anyways, I don't mean to be sinister or cold-hearted or even grudge-bearing.. all I want is for a certain someone to realise how much misery was caused by senseless acts of ego-fuelled mucking about with people's lives.

Ok.. Once that's done, wash your hands and move on pull up your sleeves.. you've got thousands of bags to carry.

I want everyone who hasn't got a shelter to sleep under, a blanket to keep warm with - I want them to sleep in comfort and warmth.. Why should they sleep in the rain when most houses have vacant rooms? Please, Santa, provide them with either shelter or adequate clothing to keep them warm during these cold, cold winter nights.


I want Iraqis to be happy.. genuinely happy.. Christians in Mosul, Shias in Najaf and Sunnis in Anbar.. Mandaeis, Jews and Yazidiz.. all of them to celebrate the new year with sheer happiness and a reasonably optimistic vision for 2008.. Iraqi children have been waking up to the sound of bombs, the smell of burnt flesh.. They've seen enough, no? Let's have them wake up to the sound of
Georgie and Sandybell.. to the smell of klecha and kahi..

It's ok if you can only do one of those three.. I won't be disappointed. In any case, I'll try to be better for next Christmas (I think I'll be making some life-changing decisions which I'll need help with.).. Thanks anyways..


Little Penguin

P.S: I know your powers scarcely extend beyond the imaginations of ten year olds.. I know you're getting me nothing.. You're rubbish, really.. still, I thought I'd give it a go!