Saturday, 31 January 2009

Another Step

It's hard to describe the immense feeling of satisfaction when you work your socks off for something and live long enough to see the fruits of your hard work. The past week has been a massive leap for me, personally and professionally. I was so pleased with myself that I took my family out for dinner and bought myself a digital camera as a treat for what I think was a remarkable piece of work!
Perhaps I shouldn't make this sound too grand lest I disappoint the readers with what may seem rather normal. In the run-up to the Iraqi provincial elections, I conducted a number of telephone interviews and tanscribed them. Their publication on BBCArabic's front page meant the world to me, especially given that this was my very first attempt at compiling a piece of meaningful journalistic weight.
Whilst recent hiccups of the heart have blighted my ever-idyllic view of the world, this proved an invaluable boost; one that will, hopefully, be an incentive to be equally diligent in other aspects of my life.
The pouty-lipped, full-cheeked Suhair Al Qaisi better watch this space. If, in a few years time, you notice that Min Al Iraq ("From Iraq" is a weekly program on Al-Arabiya TV that discusses the latest political happenings in Iraq) is presented by a slender dude with a sweet tooth for lady-guests, make sure you come here to congratulate me.
Many thanks go Touta's and Abbas's way for assisting me in getting the names and numbers needed for the piece. You guys are great!