Wednesday, 10 June 2009


As I stagger through this laborious life, I draw strength from your infinite presence.
When your sun shines over this hill, my wilted will breathes new life and urges me to bloom.
Even as inmates in illness, you have rid me of my ball and chain.
You have been my friend and thus, in my heart at least, a debt for your friendship shall forever remain.
When the bend beckons and the fear ensues, your unwavering vision holds me through.
The sight of yet another hurdle is often Daunting. Tonight it isn't.. thanks to you.


Anonymous said...

No comment :)

Anonymous said...

You're lucky to have such friendships. Don't let go of such a presence. Its needed in this life of torment and pain, everyone needs a guiding light. Its good you have found yours


Sincerity said...

Although one of your more simple poems, its one of the most touching... Its almost addictive

Sincerity said...
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Violet of Mosul said...

I've been raised up by this poem.
Thanks for sharing your over-nice words.:)

Khalid from said...

A warm Salam for you and your friend who has been so close to your heart.

Thank you for writing about friends and I still remember what our English teacher taught us in Baghdad:

"A friend in need is a friend indeed"

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Friends are like sand dunes- at first the relationships appear to be vast, great and seemingly unbreakable, then the next minute they are no where to be seen and simillar to sand dunes fade in to obscurity.

This is not an antagonistic perspective, nor am i attempting to be cynical, but most people can identify with the all too common feeling of "i would of done anything for him" or "i would of definetly taken the blame for him", and where are those people now who were the subject of such comments, do they have any impact on your life whatsoever?! Dissapointingly the answer is usually no...

This begs the question- what is the point of even having friends?


Sandybelle said...

Hello Little Penguin ,

its a so nice poem, really, touching too :) :)

little? may i tell you a secret? a secret cant be known except by me, god, you and all the readers!!!! such a secret!!!!! lol

i visited your blog once, a long time ago, and it was a quick visit, i expected that this blog's author is a girl!!!! lol

im so sorry little, walla so sorry. hahaha
be safe friend..

Sandybelle said...

Hello little, little , oh, little, oh little, yes little. lol.. we are waiting for a new post :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

my friend is a donkey .. the sun light brings him grass

البرجوازي العراقي said...

I am happy to tell you that your blog is added to the list of

Asooli said...

Love, Love, Love...kulish ehwaya.