Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Call Off The Search

Under the sun, everything is the same.
My feelings and thoughts are the same.
My utterances are the same.
And though I pretend to have a tame, yielding heart,
The impending revolt is my biggest and most anticipated nightmare.
Truth becomes visible against the imposing blackness.
Life, and death, are quite different at night.
Alone, the world is newer and the air is sharper.
The darkness is only feared by those who haven't made amends.
My only worry is leaving before knowing.
The bend on the road beckons but I'm not ready.
Around the bend is the face I see when it's time to sleep.
And the quiet, devious voice that wants me to give up.
"You'll never find light, but you'll always lose yourself.
Be wise and call off the search."
I consider my options and think carefully,
Only to be disturbed by a loud noise.
Someone just left.


Anonymous said...

what? i dont get it

Little Penguin said...

there's nothing to 'get'.. I hoped the reader will make sense of it in a way that's particular to him/herself.

Touta said...
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Sincerity said...

Love it.

Whats so capturing about it, is that i can come up with a different interpretation every time read it. Almost tailored to suit anyone of us..sort of like horoscopes :)

I think this one is slightly ahead with regard to all your other pieces of poetry..


ps. write/post more often!

Anonymous said...

Once you lambasted me sternly, in narrating the words of a prominent arabic poet that it would be a crime to suggest that poems are not poems if they do not rhyme. By that sentiment i sentence myself to life imprisonment because poems are in fact MEANT TO RHYME, otherwise there useless! (no offence)

But on a more praise worthy note i do like the line "Life and death are quite different at night".

P.S i agree, you should post more often.

From, the guy in need of a favour but your dad was away in India.

Eye Raki said...

Pray tell, leaving before knowing what?

Anonymous said...

Xe Factori ..

some one from there said...

it really touched my heart...
but i suggest you should look to the life positively " see the other half of the glass of water" your life is full of great achievement and still doing more... never give up and keep make your loved ones proud of you..
the final advice ... " stop watching ghost whisperror "..
wish you all the best