Monday, 15 December 2008

Sasuki's Size 10 Farewell

Much has been made of Sasuki's personal and professional past in order to understand what had driven him to deviate from the norm of smiling and nodding to war criminals - as if psychoanalysis was really going to decipher the behaviour of anyone living in today's Iraq.

His picture will be splashed across newspapers throughout the world; His name will be endlessly repeated, but no statue will be erected in honour of his heroics, and he will soon be forgotten. Despite all that, Muntathar Zaidi's ten seconds of unforseen madness and/or commendable courage generated mixed reactions that seem to reflect Iraqi popular opinion. The majority's response has been full of admiration and verbal back-slapping, with a considerable minority denouncing his behaviour as erratic and unhelpful given the delicately-poised situation that Iraq is in. Irrespective of my opinion of his employers, Baghdadiya TV, I salute him and pray that he and his family face no repercussions. Some cynics will argue that Iraqis should've been hurling shoes decades earlier; perhaps, but the unspeakable terror of Saddam's thirty-five years of tyranny is simply unfathomable to our Burma-inspired and fashionably-democratic mentalities. Millions were killed in broad daylight whilst the international community stared indifferently. Hopefully, this will be the first of many acts of documented defiance.

In any case, feel free to watch the footage again... and again.. and again.

Target: Incumbent U.S president, George W. Bush.

Object: Size 10 black shoe.

Thrower: Muntathar Zaidi, on behalf of 9 out of 10 people in the world.


Anonymous said...

sasuki sha3leih?

Anonymous said...

i bet you he will not be forgotten

Touta said...

Target Object Thrower?
Saar mithal libat videogame.
And more importantly..What do YOU think of the situation signor?

walla inbellena wiya al ni3el.

Anonymous said...

haha, nice last post.

and nice previous posts too, i visit your blog frequently. lets just say, you inspire me.

keep up the good work.

God bless you, Anon.

Anonymous said...

sasuki sha3leih?

najafi said...

walla7 khezi lel sha3bel irai some1 throws a shoe on the person who got rid of saddam
thanks a lot signor