Tuesday, 1 April 2008


When you lay down to rest and tightly lock your eye-lids in hope of falling asleep.. but fail..
When your train of thought is constantly derailed by unfinished work, unrequited love..
When you feel stuck in between numbers and names and lifeless faces..
When you lose the ability to transcend time.. past, present and future..
When you fail to see beyond colour, shape and size..
When you have something to say but no-one to say it to..
You seek warmth in the hidden treasure inside you.. the flame of life and seed of love that makes you who you are..
You seek solace in the sea of beauty that is your God-given soul..
When you realise that less needs to be decided and more needs to be done..
When you feel empowered by a stranger's smile..
When you feel that Heaven's might lies between your hands..
When you reach your summit of selflessness..
You have been happy, though you may not know it.


Anonymous said...

I realised there were previous posts I hadn't seen before and clicked on them wa7ed waral thani. Personally, I wouldn't ask to read about a 12 year-old's birthday party, even if it is a 'big party', bas mashallah 3aleik, you got away with it and every text was like a facial stretching exercise :D

Hasta Londres, senor.
Your friend, Jam Croissant.

hsn said...

Each line I read of this made me relate more and more to it. Thank you, MM.

Anonymous said...

Loving the last line of this. You ended it so well. Truely buff. Funny how lifes experiences touches people in a similar way. Great poem. Keep it going.

Little Penguin said...

thank you anonymous people.. :) kind words like these are a bit like the empowering smile on faces of people you dont know in person but appreciate very much..

I like the fact that the league of anonymous comments is getting multi-lingual lol

Anonymous said...

brother in islam... i love u man

Violet said...

The words of this post are very great!! i liked them very much..
Keep going

Miss Manic said...

"When you feel empowered by a stranger's smile.."
It's what keeps me going through the day!