Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Dear Santa..

I've never had the audacity to ask you for Christmas presents.. Although it's been a very difficult year, I've managed to stay well-behaved and I believe I deserve a present!

I know most people are asking for PlayStation 3's, Sony Vaio's and iPhones, I'm not going to make life any harder for you.. All I want is three things.. One is a deeply-personal wish of mine.. One is for many people, some I know, most I don't.. and the last one is for Iraq..

Here goes..

This Christmas I want to see someone punished.. we're not talking capital punishment here because that's, well, not your job. Anyways, I don't mean to be sinister or cold-hearted or even grudge-bearing.. all I want is for a certain someone to realise how much misery was caused by senseless acts of ego-fuelled mucking about with people's lives.

Ok.. Once that's done, wash your hands and move on pull up your sleeves.. you've got thousands of bags to carry.

I want everyone who hasn't got a shelter to sleep under, a blanket to keep warm with - I want them to sleep in comfort and warmth.. Why should they sleep in the rain when most houses have vacant rooms? Please, Santa, provide them with either shelter or adequate clothing to keep them warm during these cold, cold winter nights.


I want Iraqis to be happy.. genuinely happy.. Christians in Mosul, Shias in Najaf and Sunnis in Anbar.. Mandaeis, Jews and Yazidiz.. all of them to celebrate the new year with sheer happiness and a reasonably optimistic vision for 2008.. Iraqi children have been waking up to the sound of bombs, the smell of burnt flesh.. They've seen enough, no? Let's have them wake up to the sound of
Georgie and Sandybell.. to the smell of klecha and kahi..

It's ok if you can only do one of those three.. I won't be disappointed. In any case, I'll try to be better for next Christmas (I think I'll be making some life-changing decisions which I'll need help with.).. Thanks anyways..


Little Penguin

P.S: I know your powers scarcely extend beyond the imaginations of ten year olds.. I know you're getting me nothing.. You're rubbish, really.. still, I thought I'd give it a go!


travel girl said...

was wondering when you'd post again. I feel like boycotting the season this year, wanna join me?

Glory Rose! said...

what? why are you saying Santa is rubbish??! :( He is real no matter what older people say, I do believe in Santa, fairies and magical creatures!!!!

Second, about that first wish, I am crossing my fingers and hoping this is not me you are talking about!!!!!! I know I haven't been that good this year and many would be happy to hear that I am gone but hey, there are a few people who are worse! I can think of some myself!
So in case it's not me, I share that wish with you and hope those "bad people" burn in hell pretty soon!

It is so sweet of you to think of other people all around the world and in our Iraq, I wish some day soon we'll all get to celebrate new year's there with our families and friends! :)

One last thing, since you are the good guy here, could you put in a word for me with Santa about that new camera I am dying to get?? I'd really appreciate it!!!!! :))))

Yasmin (Blanche) said...

Dear Little Penguin,
looong time no read.. its Great to have u back.. we ve missed u..
This post was : Beautiful..
but, i cannot think of any person in this world who would want to hurt an innocent soul like you to the degree that makes u wish him such a Horrifying death..!!
he must be really Mean !!
i love the part about Iraq.. just Lovely..
I Love the post..
Welldone .. And Wellcomeback..

Crocogator said...

Hey Penguin,

Maybe Santa can take me with him on his way back to the Pole. I mean just swing by the dump I live in after his last delivery and pick me up. I'd prefer to ride shotgun, but I'll hang off a skid if I have to. I want to be sure and see the workshop and Elves before it all melts in global warming.

Good to hear from you again.

Little Penguin said...

TG, it'd be a pleasure to boycott the festive season.. Especially that i'm particularly swamped with reading material and I can't bring myself to embrace people being 'happy'..

Sitti Hanim, the subject of my contempt is very deserving of the wrath.. and believe me, it's coming.. won't be long before I break the news.. lol As for your digital camera, I share your craving.. I had one some time ago but it broke and now I can't take pictures of myself! :P

Yasmin, Long time no read? You're one to talk.. :P.. You're in blog-hiding.. please resume sharing your fantastic recollections of home.. I guess I shouldn't have been so explicitly contemptuous.. It's just that i'm deeply hurt by this person.. Nevermind.. Thank you ever so much for your warm words.. I'm glad you liked the bit about Iraq.. and I hope a small fraction of my hope is made reality.. Allah Kareem..

Cool name, if I may.. and seriously, Santa's little hut isn't going anywhere.. if his igloo melts, he's got a penthouse with panoramic views.. and his sordid rein-dear live in a heavily fortified sanctuary.. Why would you want to visit him anyways? I'd rather see the Grinch! In any case, thanks for dropping by! :)

Glory Rose! said...

Uh!! Aren't you too full of yourself?!!! The only reason you want a camera is to take photos of yourself?!!!!! I am disappointed! :P

P.S. I won't think you are too self obsessed if I got one of the photos! ;) :P

P.P.S. I'll be waiting for news about the subject of your contempt which is very deserving of the wrath! :P

Ihsiin said...

Yooma... I hope this fellow you want dead isn't me; I don't think I'd be able to cope with being the subject of such hatred.

What's going on? Everytime I hear from you you seem to be more filled with malice, hatred and disgust. You're making me worried, man.

Glory Rose! said...

I remember some guy who told me to keep writing and writing and writing! For some reason, the same guy doesn't seem to be writing anymore!! I wonder where he is!!!

CMAR II said...

hey Little Penguin,

What happened to your posts before April 2007? I came here looking for a post from October 2006. Darn!

Well, while I'm here, tell me something: When the Iraq The Model bloggers denounced the Lancet Report, you said of them, "How shameful!"

Well, now that the survey has been exposed as a fraud, do you care to take anything back?